Mike Boyer

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Mike Boyer
Mike Boyer
Mike Boyer

Paint, Photography, Sculpture

United Kingdom


    Born to a Canadian father and a British mother and raised in North Devon.

    As a boy I spent most of my spare days outdoors in the woodlands and wild coastlines  of the rural landscape. Both idilic and rooted in the elemental.

    I went on to study art at Dartington College of Arts which provided an experimental platform where I learnt to challenge artistic boundaries and give purpose to the content of my practice.

    After a period traveling in Europe ,the U.S.A and Asia I settled in London and immersed myself in the counter culture and music scene during the  late eighties and nineties .

    I now live back in Devon where I work full time as a professional painter.


    My new work is an act of communication, aiming to tap into our histories and memory. Half remembered states of self that linger, fragmented and puzzling like dreams. Drawing out emotions, desires and a yearning to piece together the layers like a jig-saw, and bring a reflection to the now.

    I am both a collector and a conductor.The paintings begin with the use of old found images such as antique postcards, magazine images or personal photographs. I am fascinated by a past moment frozen in time and the evocative sense of story and identity encapsulated in these visions . Life is not simple, our imaginations are not blank canvasses.  My paintings attempt to give a glimpse of another world ,real or imagined ,below the obvious surface story. Bringing forth something unexpected and exposing realms inhabited by transformation, humour  and magical realism.

    Words are important. Often the title is conceived  first and acts as a doorway into the painting.  

    The physical work starts with a quick, vigorous and raw painted sketch. This is the essense of the image.  Initially I work with thin layers selecting areas and applying varying transparencies of paint. This involves a constant selection and rejection process as the picture evolves into its own independent force.

    Inevitably the painting process mirrors and gives form to the memory process.


    My influences and inspirations are varied, eclectic and vast. 

    The National Geographic Magazines of the 50‘s and  60‘s have been a mainstay in my studio for years.


    For the colour, textures, techniques and subject matter

    Peter Doig , Heiko Muller , Tom Hammick , George Bellows ,the Canadian painters of the early 1900’s Tom Thomson and  Franklin Carmichael , Pedro Figari ,Gauguin , Emil Nolde , Odilon Redon ,Chaim Soutine , Witold Wojtkiewicz , Max Ernst ,  the symbolists and pre-raphaelites  including Giovanni Segantini, William Holman Hunt , John Everett.


    For the compositions ,intentions , stories and other worldliness

     Breugel , Matthias Grunewald , naive and outsider painting , the renaissance painters Paulo Uccello, Fillipno Lippi and Bottacelli , painters of the 15th Century  like Sassetta, Jacopo Pontormo and Giorgione